Arístides Promenade


Mendoza City Council

Current condition


Contract amount

USD 7.450.639,40


Arístides Villanueva Avenue – Mendoza City – Province of Mendoza


8 meses


The City Council included, within the 2017 Public Works Planning, the performance of improvements/renovation works that totally refurbished and optimized Arístides Villanueva Avenue in its entirety, starting at Belgrano Street, up to Boulogne Sur Mer Avenue.

The project entailed the complete change of the vehicular bearing layer was included, the renovation of gutters, vehicular and pedestrian bridges and sidewalks, removing all existing architectural barriers (such as steps and non-regulatory obstacles), while unifying the criteria for sidewalk treatment in its entirety.

The renovation of the bearing layer was carried out by resurfacing with 8cm thick concrete cobble. The street profile levels were raised evenly to the sidewalk’s level, containing a single plane between the pedestrian and vehicular space.

The sidewalks were completely rebuilt, including the subfloors. Reconstituted polished granite floor tiles of 16 black shot-blasted loaves were placed, including the tactile system.

Municipal urban equipment was installed aimed at encouraging environment care practices and good citizens behavior. Smart bike stations, recycling drop off spots and common waste containers were installed.

Underground piping networks for electric power cable and energy infrastructure were carried out.

The public lighting network was completely overhauled, both on the sidewalks and over the street.