Our strict safety and worker protection plans are focused on preventing accidents at our worksites.
Ensuring the safety of our workers at every stage of production is paramount because our human resource is the company’s main asset.
We work daily to maintain the highest possible degree of physical and social well-being of our workers, regardless of their position within the company. Only by setting the highest safety standards for ourselves can we maintain the trust of our clients and the people who work with us. We work every day to ensure that strong safety practices are being follow throughout our organization.
Workers, managers, directors, foremen and supervisors are trained on the preventive Occupational Health and Safety measures that must be implemented at each stage of the construction process and are aware of the responsibility that comes with the application of these measures.
We seek to do more of what the current workforce safety regulations indicates for by means of the following actions:
– Preventing and analyzing each stage of the process.
– Minimizing risks to the health of workers, clients and third parties operating in our facilities and our worksites which arise from our
– Evaluating, developing and adapting our production processes so that they have the minimum environmental and energy impact.