We are fully aware that a company’s environmental footprint does not only depend on its main activities, but it also involves its entire suppliers’ chain. Therefore, we are working to reduce the environmental footprint generated by both production processes and suppliers by working on initiatives and programs for non-polluting vehicles through three aspects:
– clean transportation,
– optimization of the distribution network,
– and fleet renewal.

In addition:
– We dispose of all debris generated at the construction site into authorized dumps,
– We are registered as generators of hazardous waste, and we provide final disposal of all waste generated.
– We are compiling a Code of Conduct for Suppliers; and we carry out initiatives, projects, and actions to reduce energy indicators used per ton of production.


We aim to be Socially Responsible with all the commitment that this entails, this is why our company is part of the VALOS Foundation, a promoter of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Together with VALOS, we encourage synergic partnerships by doing innovative business and
promoting sustainable development of our environment.