Reconditioning of Public Transport Mainline Road


Municipality of Godoy Cruz

Current condition


Contract amount

USD 2.354.513,20


San Martin Street – Godoy Cruz County – Province of Mendoza


5 meses


This project was part of the works needed for the reconditioning of the Metrobus Mainline Road System.

Among the main benefits it had, the following are highlighted: unification of flouting bus stop every 400 meters; greater accessibility for users and fluidity for police vehicles and emergency services.

The bus stops have LED lighting, safety rail, ramps and solar panels.

The system had four traffic lanes, the two in the center exclusively for buses, one in each direction, and also in case of emergency driving situation of: ambulances, police and firefighters. The two side tracks were used for private vehicles.

The parking, meanwhile, was maintained along the layout in the places, where there was availability.

The following tasks were performed:

  • Demolitions of sidewalks gutters, curbs, culverts, curb ramps and concrete slabs.
  • Road infrastructure. Construction of curbs, culverts, corner slabs, curb ramps, bus stop sheds, and pedestrian, and vehicular bridges. Railings and LED lighting fixtures were placed at stops.
  • Pavements: concrete slabs that were in poor condition were rebuilt.
  • Road marking: For curbs, pedestrian paths, braking lines, parking and stopping spaces. Speed ​​bumps, bi-directional reflective studs, flexible marking and stopping curbs were installed.
  • Traffic signs: New low road signs, street name sign, and stop signs were installed.