Renovation of MMAMM Plaza Independencia


Mendoza City Council

Current condition


Contract amount

USD 2.491.990,65


laza Independencia – Mendoza City


12 meses


The city council included, within the Public Works Planning, works of improvements for the renovation of the PLAZA INDEPENDENCIA CULTURAL COMPLEX which includes the following buildings: the Municipal Museum of Modern Art of Mendoza City – (MMAMM), the Ricardo Tudela City Library and the Julio Quintanilla City Theater.

The purpose of these improvements was a comprehensive renovation of the three cultural centers facilities for their sanitation, technological update, and reconditioning.

The access, working, exhibition and performance spaces, together with exterior enhancements were restructured to optimize the use of each of the Complex areas. The electrical, sanitary, thermo-mechanical and hydraulic networks were completely rebuilt.

We created a comprehensive accessibility system for the buildings by means of interior and exterior ramps, differentiated accesses, inclusive toilets, better lighting and ventilation areas, a larger exhibition area, a safe and modern area for the museum ​​technical support, an efficient security room for patrimonial storage, an avant-garde restoration workshop, more comfortable and equipped areas for actors and comfortable and better-quality administrative areas. A comprehensive fire protection system will be incorporated, adapted to the museum, and storing spaces with a security and monitoring system according to international standards.