Areneras Promenade


General Port Administration – Argentine State Enterprise, Buenos Aires

Current condition


Contract amount

USD 1.207.693,96


Buenos Aires Port – CABA


8 meses


The project entailed carrying out a Coastal Promenade on Rafael Obligado Avenue on the Western edge of Harbor F that arises as a fundamental pedestrian link between the future elevated park over the layout of the Arturo IIlia highway and the coastal bordering area surrounding Costanera Norte. This area is projected as the «Distrito Joven», which will shape up a continuous path between both zones through the Buenos Aires port jurisdiction.

Six hundred linear meters of sidewalks were built on both sides of the Avenue, with the corresponding equipment and facilities. 7th Street was also intervened, which is currently closed to vehicular traffic. The sidewalk flooring was made with interlocking blocks for heavy duty traffic, thus generating a flexible space that was assigned for events or creating itinerant spaces, with the added possibility for vehicular circulation.

The following tasks were performed:

  • Floors Demolition and earthworks
  • Gutters, sidewalks and curbs construction
  • Placement of pre-molded spacers
  • Road marking
  • Stormwater drainage networks
  • Electrical installation of street public lighting
  • Landscaping
  • General Signage