Paso de los Andes Avenue – 1st Stage


Municipality of Godoy Cruz

Current condition


Contract amount

USD 3.425.343,39


Paso de los Andes Avenue – Godoy Cruz County – Province of Mendoza


7 meses


This project entailed the comprehensive remodeling and construction of Paso de los Andes Avenue between Frias Canal and Pellegrini Street with an approximate length of 650m.

The following tasks were performed:

  • Demolitions of sidewalk gutters, curbs, shoulders, sidewalks, subfloors, corner slabs, sewers, vehicular and pedestrian bridges.
  • Road infrastructure. Construction of curbs, shoulders, gutters, culverts, bridges, etc.
  • looring: subfloors for sidewalks, enhancement of bridged areas and bicycle lane, and laying of reconstituted red polished granite of 16-pan-type tiles.
  • Pavements: resurfacing of the existing concrete pavement was carried out through an asphalt concrete pavement of 5cm thickness.
  • Accessories and ancillary fixtures. The following elements were installed: bins, bollards, metal railings and bus stop sheds.
  • Road marking. Curbs, pedestrian paths, braking lines, lane dividing lines, double yellow lines, bicycle lane markings were painted. Speed humps and bi-directional raised reflective markers were also installed.
  • Tree-planting and landscaping. Every tree in poor condition was uprooted and new ones were planted. Flowerbeds were covered with grass sods, as well as plants in precast concrete pots were placed.
  • Traffic signs. New road signage was installed, including new low-pole and hanging street signs. New street names and bus stops signage were also installed.
  • Traffic light network: the electromechanical controllers were replaced by pedestrian traffic lights, vehicle countdown timers, traffic counting cameras, direction signs, and intersections with new traffic lights. The procurement, installation and assembly of fiber optics, as well as the interconnection, synchronization and commissioning of controllers and were also carried out by our team.
  • Electrical network: public luminaires on the streets and sidewalks were replaced by new LED luminaires. The existing control systems were repaired, lighting poles were reconditioned, the overhead power lines were rearranged and metal poles in disuse were removed.