Pedro Molina Promenade


Municipality of Mendoza

Current condition


Contract amount

USD 673054.44


Pedro Molina Street – Mendoza City – Province of Mendoza


360 meses


The comprehensive renovation of Pedro Molina Promenade located in the Civic Center of Mendoza City. This project takes part in the Public Works Planning of the City Council.

The purpose of this project was to optimize the entire area by turning this street into a walkway that efficiently connects San Martín and Belgrano Avenues, motivates public usage, and recover it as a public space in Mendoza City.

The following tasks were performed:

  • Renovation of paved surfaces by resurfacing with concrete cobbles.
  • Construction of the North sidewalk, including tactile paving system
  • Reconstruction of all drainage works
  • Reconstruction of the boulevard
  • Pedestrian lighting system
  • Installation of urban equipment
  • Underground power cabling service for residences
  • Underground optic fiber cabling