Reconditioning of Circumjacent Areas of the City Court Building



Current condition


Contract amount

USD 964.323,28


Lavalle Street and Libertad Street – CABA


6 meses


This project entailed the intervention of specific urban elements that will shape the surrounding open spaces of the cluster of City Court buildings in the future.

Works on the public space were carried out in terms of addition and rearrangement of green areas, street lighting and road and pedestrian crossing.

The works were carried out on Lavalle Street between Cerrito Avenue and Libertad Street, Libertad Street between Corrientes Avenue and Lavalle Street and Pte. Roque Sáenz Peña Avenue (Diagonal Norte) between Cerrito Avenue and Libertad Street.

In the first sector, Lavalle Street was leveled, up to unify a continuous level with that of existing neighboring pedestrian areas reaching towards riverside reclaimed areas, namely, El Bajo. This work comprised with the expansion of sidewalks, the addition of street lighting and green areas, while respecting the need for stopping spaces and delimited sectors for loading docks, providing for these specific areas for loading and unloading in docks.

In the second sector, Roque Sáenz Peña Avenue, works to redirect vehicular traffic by implementing turning restrictions were carried out. The parking space was thus reduced to a small number of agreed-upon docks. Likewise, the works included the transfer of the Automatic Bicycle System, the redistribution of bollards, pavement repair and enhancement of street lighting and green areas were also made.

The third sector, the block of Libertad St., between Lavalle Street and Corrientes Avenue, comprised works to replace the old catenary-type lighting with modern street lighting; the expansion of the right-side sidewalk, the delimitation of loading and unloading docks, and the redistribution of existing bus stops along the block.

In Pasaje del Carmen, works were carried out in a similar way to that in Lavalle Street, with a leveling but keeping a permitted parking lane, the addition of street lighting and rearrangement of green areas.